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                Kong Bo Hua (1884-1955), descendant of Confucius, known as one of the Four Most Famous Doctors since early 1900s, is a patriotic Chinese doctor, medical expert, and educationist, with very high reputation.

                Kong Yi Tang, Kong’s Traditional Chinese Clinics, established by Dr. Kong Bo Hua’s descendants and students, carrying forward his thoughts and belief, has gathered a lot of contemporary well-known Chinese doctors and health caring experts, which is not only a traditional clinic with professional intelligent resources, but also a health treatment center with Chinese historical and cultural medical theory backgrounds.

                We provide diversified choices of health related services including Chinese traditional diagnosis, Chinese medical treatment, VIP health management, professional education and academic exchange etc. Now we have two clinics in Beijing, planning more clinics in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin.

                In 2007, Dr. Kong Bo Hua’s traditional diagnosis and medical treatment, was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Beijing Municipal Government. Kong Yi Tang is becoming a professional model serving for the people nationwide with its unique resources, and leading the revitalization of Chinese Traditional Medical Industry.